Dane "Armitage" Jackson

Large, bulky, middle-aged Troll with a striking face that generally has a focussed expression. He tends to wear formal clothes, even in combat situations.



  • Troll – Big! (+1 harm when using a melee weapon that relies on physical strength. When you make the harm move, subtract 1 from your roll. When you make the acquire agricultural property move, treat results of 6- as 7-9. When you suffer harm, you suffer -1 harm.)
  • + hunted – by Aztechnology
  • + hunted – by Aztechnology EMAs


  • Advances +0
  • XP 5


  • Cred 3
  • Edge +1
  • Style -1
  • Meat +0
  • Mind +0
  • Cool +0
  • Synth +1
  • Touch +2


  • Behavioural: When adhering to your ethical code hinders the mission, mark experience.
  • Rejected: When your former membership in Aztechnology EMAs hinders the mission, mark experience.


  • Neural Interface with Targeting Suite: When you fire a weapon you are + linked to, you may inflict additional harm equal to your Synth. You may also roll Synth instead of Meat to mix it up. You may precisely define the area of effect for weapons with the + autofire tag to exclude or include potential targets from weapon damage.


  • Staff (1-harm hand quick)
  • HK 227-s (2-harm close/near autofire +linked)
  • FN-HAR (3-harm near/far loud autofire +linked)

Other gear

  • Armoured Coat (1-armour)
  • Grimoire (apply 1 extra effect to rift magic on a 12+)


  • Rift Magic: When you call upon the energy of the rifts to shape runes into physical effects, roll Touch.
    7+: You shape the following runes: a shape of effect.
    10+: You shape the following runes: adjunct shape of effect.
    Shape: Ray, Orb, Dart, Slick, Gaseous
    Effect (1harm): electricity, stunning, fire, acid, magnetism, cold, wind
    Adjunct: greater (+1harm), split, hidden
  • Summon: When you shape runes to pull an entity from another dimension, roll Touch.
    7+: You shape the following runes: form of element.
    10+: You shape the following runes: attribute form of element.
    6 or less: You shape imperfect runes: form of element. The MC will choose both, the summon is no longer under your control.
    You begin with access to these forms:
  • Insectoid: Mandible and Claw: Insectoid forms are exceptionally terrifying in combat. You can roll mix it up with Touch. Their claws do 2-harm.
  • Humanoid: Kinship: Humanoids are just a lot easier to understand. Because of your tighter psychic bond, you can use the summoned creature to remotely complete complex tasks that you could normally perform.
    You begin with access to these elements:
  • Fire: Can apply aflame tag to objects and people by touch.
  • Air: Can apply floating tag to objects and people by touch.
  • Water: Can apply drowning tag to objects and people by touch.
  • Earth: Can apply held tag to objects and people by touch.
  • Void: Can apply horrified tag to other creatures and people by touch.
    You begin with access to these attributes: huge, tiny, invisible, flying
  • Chromed: Choose a piece of cyberware at character creation or in downtime. Describe how you got it and paid for it using the usual cyberware questions.
  • Mage Contacts: You have extensive contacts in the magic community, roll hit the streets with Touch instead of Style.


  • Vector +1
  • Fulcrum +1
  • Amirah +1


  • Bug (fixer)
  • Raoul Johansson (Aztechnology Mage who is forever grateful to Dane for secretly getting his family to safety instead of executing them)

Dane Jackson never knew his father. His mother never spoke much of him, and after she was committed to a psych hospital, she never spoke much at all. His foster family recognized his affinity for magic and after a few phone calls, were more than happy for Aztechnology to take over the raising of the young Troll. After all, they offered the best compensation package – not a fortune, but it was a drekload more than they were getting from the government.
Life at the corp was pretty good; Dane took well to military training and he was a natural combat Mage. Jump forward several years, and having recently been married and with a baby on the way, Dane had little hesitation in accepting the admittedly unrefusable offer of joining a new top-secret, cutting-edge Aztechnology magic order. With the deliberately understated official name of EMAs, or Enhanced Magical Assets, this order was the end result of years of experiments fitting Mages with cyberware using Orichalcum components in an effort to reduce the detrimental effects. Early results varied, with some subjects merely unable to use the cyberware, while others lost some or all of their magic or went mad, or both. When the technology was consistently mostly reliable, Aztechnology formed a strike force into which Dane was recruited. Originally honoured and proud to be a member of the EMAs, he became gradually disillusioned with and eventually sickened by the actions of his foster parent corporation.
After smuggling a colleague’s family to safety instead of executing them, Dane knew he had to get out. The escape took months of planning and most of his cred, but he was finally able to not just make himself disappear, but also his now ex-wife and son.
Some time later, Shelley has just been made manager of the Stuffer Shack where she works, and Lance is about to study journalism at the local college. He also works part time at his mom’s Stuffer Shack. Dane no longer has to support them, and is now able to keep all he earns from running in the shadows. Life is gonna be great…

Dane "Armitage" Jackson

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